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Ensures a stable connection between the PLC and the cloud.

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Standard Protocols

Utilize industrial standard protocols such as Modbus, MQTT, and RS485 for seamless integration with multiple systems.

Versatile Connectivity

Supports LTE, WiFi, and Ethernet for flexible deployment across different environments.

100+ Integrations

OS Independent

Our use of ESP32 eliminates the need for a traditional operating system, streamlining our technology for efficiency and simplicity.

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Remote OTA Updates

Enables firmware updates over-the-air, ensuring your system is always up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements.

Compact Design

Optimized for space efficiency, making it ideal for integration into a variety of devices and applications.

Energy Efficient

Engineered for low power consumption, reducing operational costs.

High Reliability

Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, ensuring long-term durability and consistent performance.

Customizable I/O Options

Offers a range of input/output configurations to suit diverse application requirements.

Advanced Security

Incorporates robust security protocols to safeguard against unauthorized access and data breaches.

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